TORONTO sunday oct 16!!"Japanophile" Yard Sale" kensington market

HIhi, I hope posting this here is alright. If not, please take down;)

My friend and I are going to do a yard sale in kensington market next sunday. We will be selling our j--pop, j-rock, anime, lolita, cosplay, etc related merchandise. I have a few lolita bibles(brand new never opened) that I need to part with, so if anyone here is interested, please drop by, say hi, and give our stuff new homes;)
we will also be selling snacks and listening to random music!!¬if_t=event_wall

please help spread this around to anyone you think would be interested;)
Sunday, October 16 · 12:00pm - 6:00pm

Thank you for your time;)

A.B.D...NO! J.K.C pop/rock event!

A.B.D...NO! J.K.C pop/rock event!

(for those in Torontoish area)

(Hello y'all! Long time no see!

Well, after a few months of rest and work, I feel like its time to throw a new event! *Sad that no one did a valentines day event*

How many here are interested in Asia's entertainment/music genre? Have you ever wanted to dress up as rain and do the sad tango in front of an audience? Have you ever wanted to force your friends to dress up as Morning musume and become an Idol group for just one night? Have you ever wanted to play "tic tac toe" with SUN BOYZ?

I have always wanted to do an event that was specifically dedicated to pop-culture rather than just anime. The event would mainly consist of performances done by peeps who want to do cover dances, singing, acting etc. I am also trying to think of whether to do this as a dinner/show event or try getting one of the malls to 'host' it. I mean, HOW COME EVERYWHERE BUT TORONTO does these kinda things?? LETS show them that we love music!!!! Let's Show them that we love Dance!! Let's show them that we love CULTURE!!!

If you would like to participate in this possible event, an audition date (just to see if the act is appropriate and entertaining will be set; of course I need to see that there is enough interest in this in order to invest in it.

performance that are wanted: * Of course, cosplay and costumes are an asset*
Live music ( Original bands, group/solo singers)
Cover ( groups or soloist who want to just dance, or dance and sing! Impersonations, bands who want to do covers)
comedy acts relevant to asian pop culture ( kojima, harisenbo, sekai nabeatsu LOL)
Game segments, drama re-enactments, etc.. as long as its pop-culture and entertaining!
So, what do you think? do you want to do this 'banquet style' (at a restaurant), Mall show style ( maybe oriental centre, splendid china tower or first markham place will give us space), Private show no food style (think halloween dance format), BBT style (hahah.. Starch for all)..etc..

if you would like to help me out in making this come to fruition, mess me
Hope to here from ya!


Hello to all those in LJ land who actually gives a rats ass about lil'o me..

Yes, I am alive....things are terrible, here in Toronto..Sigh....I'm not going to get into detail, but I have lost faith in men.. sigh...WHY is everyone in this world,, well everyone I meet selfish and greedy.. Why doesn't anyone do things from the heart......

I'm watching taiko drum videos now and I'm almost in tears..yup.. i can feel the tear ducts filling up.. sigh... I really wish i joined the taiko group a few years back.. I totally frogot how much I really wanted to be a taiko drummer..Yes, i want to be an artist and the works, but music is just too much in my blood.. I WAS REALLY GOOD at taiko and chinese drums too....I was always complimented, even composed songs that my old group played.. sigh..

I wish i had a shoulder to cry on right now..... noone took us seriously, but used us and sucked us dry.... and now look.. look whats happened.. its not small.. we built everything from nothing to this amazing thing..that has to potential to do SOOO well,and because of peoples greed and selfishness.. its going to be destroyed...... an entire year........ thank you man kind.. thanks alot.

*at this point, jumping off a bridge seems like a good option.

welll... hope to update you soon..
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collection Xenophobic seeking models (especially male) for fashion show on sept 5!!

collection Xenophobic seeking models (especially male) for fashion show on sept 5!!
Collection Xenophobic store at Pacific Mall has agreed to participate in the ZBP Party event by putting on a fashion show featuring exclusive designs from the store!

Here's your chance to see some of the most unique, high-quality punk/visual-kei street fashion designs from Korea as well as some local designers!

More info on Collection Xenophobic at the site:

If you're interested in possibly being a model for the show, please contact with the subject line: "Xenophobic Fashion Show @ ZBP Party - Model Inquiry" and include the following information:

1) Name
2) Age
3) Gender
4) shirt/pants/shoe size

You can also stop by the Xenophobic store at Pacific Mall in person! Tell Xeno that you're interested in being part of the fashion show at the JNP Zombie Band Project Party on Sept. 5th, and he can discuss with you whether or not he needs more models and which outfits he'd like to exhibit in the show.

JNP is very excited to be collaborating with Collection Xenophobic on this event, so hope you enjoy it as well as the rest of the programming at the party! Rock on

Date: September 5th 2008
Venue: Starwalk International Buffet
Location: 648 Silver Star Blvd., Scarborough ON
Time: 6-11
Entrance: $30.00